About Propecia Hair Loss Drug

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Summary: Propecia, the popular hair loss drug. This may just be the answer to your hair loss problems. It is a popular Male Pattern Baldness treatment.

There are numerous ways in which you can control hair loss – salons, home remedies, natural methods, etc. Some of the most effective ones are through the use of drugs. Propecia hair loss drug is among the many drugs that have proven to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Finasteride, the chemical name for the drug, is marketed as Propecia. It is an FDA drug that is used primarily to treat Male Pattern Baldness or MPB, also known as Male Pattern Hair Loss or MPHL.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is the found to be the main cause for baldness. DHT acts as catalyst for hair loss. DHT is susceptible mainly to hair follicles in the front/top and back of the head. Propecia works by attacking and cancelling the enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, Propecia slows down the thinning process of hair and sometimes reveres the process itself.

Nearly 80 to 90% of men who have used Propecia have benefitted from the drug. It has proven to increase hair growth in the crown area of the male head. It has shown to work better for men who have been balding for less than 5 years or so. It also works less on older men. The longer the balding period, the longer it takes for Propecia to work. Bear in mind that body hair may also be affected with the regular use of Propecia. The side effects generally vary. If the person stops taking the drug, he may return to the bald state before taking the drug. Propecia hair loss drug is not to be used by women.

Propecia hair loss drug is available as an oral pill and can be consumed as any other normal pill. It acts as a wonder drug to the man with receding hairline and ensures hair growth, if not reversing the process of balding itself. Patience is required if the drug is used. Some men may have to use it for nearly a year for its effects to start showing. Do not be alarmed if after the first six months your hair starts getting thinner. This may be just before the drug starts to actually kick in. The effect of the drug is different from one man to another. It is best used to re-grow hair in the crown area. Keep in mind that Propecia hair loss drug is a prescription drug only. Get your doctor to write you one today.