Dandruff, Is it a reason of Hair loss?

Summary: Dandruff, a general human scalp condition is responsible for premature hair loss and can be treated effectively.

You will often find tiny particles which are silvery in color and scale like in appearance falling out of your hair when you are drying it after a bath or on the shoulders of your jacket or shirt. You will also find that once you have developed this condition which is commonly called dandruff, your scalp tends to itch from time to time and creates substantial discomfort.

Dandruff, which is also called Seborrheic Dermatitis in medical parlance, is generally caused by lack of ample blood circulation to the scalp. This is normally caused if you have a naturally dry scalp or don’t comb your hair properly everyday. However, the condition is not infectious but makes your hair look oily despite all the shampooing and conditioning that you may indulge in. Even infants suffer from dandruff which is commonly called cradle cap.

One of the principal causes of dandruff is the excessive secretion of sebum in the human body, which research has revealed, leads to hair loss, if left untreated. The over-produced sebum clogs scalp pores and chokes the possibility of new hair to grow. Dandruff is seen more in males but women too, suffer from the condition. It is also commonly seen in elderly people, particularly the sick and immobile.

The fungus Malassezia furfur is also known to cause dandruff by drying the scalp which causes it to flake excessively. excessive sweating and allergies to particular foods are also responsible for the condition to aggravate. In women particularly, dandruff assumes an acute form due to hormonal imbalances during menstruation as also poor hygiene, emotional and physical stress and lack of regular sleep and rest. It is also seen in people who use hair gels and sprays excessively or whose hair is exposed to extreme heat or cold more often.

Professional help must be sought if the condition worsens and there are various shampoos containing cetavlon, salicylic acid or selenium sulfide which help control the condition. However, do bear in mind that hair re-growth is a time consuming process and you need to be patient for your hair follicles to get a new lease of life.

Apart from chemical treatment of dandruff, there are numerous alternative cures for the disease which include mixing patchouli and/or rosemary oils to your regular shampoo and washing your hair with it. Almond oil is also known to be effective as an anti-dandruff treatment. A diet rich in vitamin B like cabbage and eggs is also effective.