Natural Hair loss treatments

Summary: Losing hair over how to stop hair fall? There are many proven natural hair loss treatments that can help stop this and improve the health of the hair.

Hair loss is something that occurs regardless of your gender and more often than not, your age too. There are numerous ways in which you can control the loss of hair. Natural hair loss treatments are the way to go since they are both effective and safer than their allopathic counterparts. Some of these treatments can be carried out at the comfort of your homes, with the help of everyday items.

The first thing to do is to watch your diet. Your diet plays an important role in keeping your hair strong and shiny. Make sure your diet includes adequate amounts of proteins and essential minerals. Include milk, soya beans, green and leafy vegetables, yeast, curds, nettle roots, red peppers, etc. Keep away from oily and spicy food. Also, try to keep yourself stress free. Anxiety and heredity play a role in the loss of hair.

There are various natural hair loss treatments that you can try at home. Castor oil and olive oil are really good for your hair. Apply and massage warm castor oil or olive oil and leave it over night. Coconut oil also will do the trick. You may mix lime juice and coriander juice with the coconut oil and rub on your scalp. For bald or balding patches, grind lemon seeds and pepper and apply on the affected area. This will induce hair growth. Try drinking a mixture of carrot, lettuce and spinach juice every morning. This has also proven beneficial for hair growth among many other things.

People have always vouched for almonds as one of the natural treatments for hair loss. Almonds are rich in many vitamins like vitamin B6, D and E, and minerals like zinc and manganese. Almond oil is also a great substitute for coconut oil for massaging your scalp. Hair has been found to be shinier, stronger and healthier when massaged with warm almond oil. You may also consume a few almonds daily. Citrus fruits like oranges, and also oats are good for promoting healthier hair. Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and black gram and apply on your scalp. This has proven to lengthen the hair. In case you use shampoo, mix lime juice and/or amla juice with the shampoo and wash your hair.

Amongst the many natural hair loss treatments, choose the one that is easier for you and start right today. You’ll find your hair to be healthier, shinier and stronger.